How I Play Guitar eBook

How I Play Guitar eBook

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Break free from 'basic playing' and discover how to play creative chords and beautiful solos anywhere on the neck!

This book is all about boosting your confidence in using the entire guitar neck, so that you no longer see the fretboard as a ‘mystery’, but instead finally feel free to play expressively on any fret, no matter the key signature you’re in.

After going through this book, you’ll have gained easy shortcuts to create beautiful chords and inversions up and down the neck, and learned how to create licks and solos on the fly within your go to ‘boxes’. Included are ​100’s of diagrams, charts, and cheat sheets for understanding the guitar neck and building your confidence.

What You'll Discover Inside:

• ​Brilliant guitar shortcuts, so you can create beautifully simple chords and creative lead lines on the fly all over the guitar neck!
​• An easy system of understanding the guitar neck to build your confidence.
• Unleash Your Capo, able to play in any key with powerful and creative voicings. Never feel boxed into barre chords again!
• ​100’s of diagrams, chord charts, and cheat sheets for immediate application and growth.

Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.