The Tone Method eBook

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An innovative book + video combination to guide guitarists with 1 thing - crafting their electric guitar tone to be the best it can possibly be. 

Finally, upgrade your guitar tone to ‘professional’ standards with The Tone Method. In this book, you’ll discover how to sound exactly like the pros you look up to by expertly dialing in all the pieces of gear you own with a systematic approach.

Complete with companion videos, we’ll take you on a journey in dialing in each of your effects ideal application within your signal chain, accomplish the classic tones you love, as well as train you to become a master at troubleshooting gear problems and tone inconsistencies, so that when problems do arise you can solve them quickly and effectively.

Introducing: The Tone Method

A production and tour-tested method for achieving problem free killer tones at EVERY SINGLE GIG or in your practice room, no matter the gear you’re using.

What you will discover inside:
* A tour-proven method to quickly solve problems in your guitar rig, so that when something doesn’t sound right, or your signal fails, you’ll be able to fix the problem in under 5 minutes.
* Interactive videos for each chapter, so that you can not only learn the concepts, but see & hear them in action. 
* Easy, and simple approach to achieving killer tones on ANY gear. 
* Eliminate the guesswork of what happens “after the mic”. Know exactly how the mic and preamps affect your guitar tone, and learn proper engineering techniques to get the best results.

    Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.