Music Theory For The Music Industry eBook

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An easy-to-grasp approach to finally mastering key signatures, scales, chord building, intervals, and how to use the Nashville Number System (the shorthand that makes chords and progressions easy to hear and play). 

After you're finished with it, you'll have boosted your creativity on the fretboard, found a new quickness in learning new songs, gained the ability to change key signatures on the fly, discovered how to manipulate chords at will on the neck, and mastered all the modern ‘theory’ for today’s industry you need to know.

Introducing: Music Theory For The Music Industry

A practical guide to learning the Nashville Number System and mastering the language of music.

What you will discover inside:
* Ditch Chord Charts Forever - after going through this book, you’ll no longer need chord charts or or TAB, and finally be able to play and memorize everything by ear!
* Key Changes Will Become Easy - Does it frustrate you when the leader switches keys on you last minute? After you go through this book, you’ll realize that switching key signatures on the fly can be totally easy if you learn this system.  
* The Secret-Sauce to Playing By Ear - If you’ve always wanted to be able to hear a progression, melody or guitar part and play it on command, then this book is your secret weapon. The Nashville Number System teaches you to do just that - hear chords and melodies and be able to replicate them BY EAR.
* Learn The Nashville Number System - Finally be able to master this system that’s used in studios, churches, bands and stages across the globe - assigning numbers to chords so that calling out progressions and changes on the fly is easy!

Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.