Train Your Ear eBook

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Designed for guitarists who want to be able to play exactly what they hear! This book is ideal for players who are confined to chord charts or TAB, and shows them how to break free into playing the melodies or chord progressions that they hear, instead of only playing what they see written! This book comes with immersive audio tracks and 100’s of exercises.

Introducing: Train Your Ear

The bulletproof method to learning how to play by ear.

What You'll Discover Inside:
• A proven method to develop your ear, designed by pros who've been where you are and discovered that playing by ear is not a talent, but an acquired skill.
• 100's of exercises, work pages, and audio tests to practice, drill, and perfect your ear training and ensure your success.
• Flow on the guitar with second-nature instincts and intuition, instead of being locked into reading a chart or tab.
• 6 specific categories of ear training that will develop your ability to hear intervals, root note identification, chord movements, melodies, and harmonies and recreate them on your instrument.

Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.