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1. Theory, Ear, Key Signatures

A practical guide to learning the Nashville Number System and mastering the language of music.

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2. Playing by Ear

The bullet proof method to learning how to play by ear. Designed by pros who've been where you are and discovered that playing by ear is not a talent, but an acquired skill.

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3. Parts, Voices, Performance

Break free from 'basic playing' and discover how to play creative chords and beautiful solos anywhere on the neck!

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4. Chords, Voicings

2280 chords, inversions, and voicings that range from normal to esoteric and cool, so you never get stuck in a rut playing the same things over and over.

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5. Technique, Speed, Practice

50+ exercises and practice routines that expand your ability to play with speed and accuracy on the neck.

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6. Tone, Effects, Gear

A production and tour tested method for achieving problem free killer tones at EVERY SINGLE GIG or in your practice room, no matter the gear you’re using.

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All the Chords


  • 2280 chords, inversions, and voicings that range from normal to esoteric and cool, so you never get stuck in a rut playing the same things over and over.
  • Easy, and simple approach to playing complex chords and voicings, designed by professional musicians who get how frustrating complicated chord charts can be.
  • ​Eliminate the guesswork of trying to figure out how a cool or complex chord you hear on a song is actually played.
  • 5+ positions for every chord, so you can be sure you have exactly the right voicing for the context you need.
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The Tone Method


  • A tour-proven method to quickly solve problems in your guitar rig, so that when something doesn’t sound right, or your signal fails, you’ll be able to fix the problem in under 5 minutes.
  • ​Interactive videos for each chapter, so that you can not only learn the concepts, but see & hear them in action.
  • Easy, and simple approach to achieving killer tones on ANY gear.
  • ​Eliminate the guesswork of what happens “after the mic”. Know exactly how the mic and preamps affect your guitar tone, and learn proper engineering techniques to get the best results.
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Music Theory For The Music Industry


  • Ditch Chord Charts Forever - after going through this book, you’ll no longer need chord charts or or TAB, and finally be able to play and memorize everything by ear!
  • Key Changes Will Become Easy - Does it frustrate you when the leader switches keys on you last minute? After you go through this book, you’ll realize that switching key signatures on the fly can be totally easy if you learn this system.  
  • The Secret-Sauce to Playing By Ear - If you’ve always wanted to be able to hear a progression, melody or guitar part and play it on command, then this book is your secret weapon. The Nashville Number System teaches you to do just that - hear chords and melodies and be able to replicate them BY EAR.
  • ​Learn The Nashville Number System - Finally be able to master this system that’s used in studios, churches, bands and stages across the globe - assigning numbers to chords so that calling out progressions and changes on the fly is easy!
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Train Your Ear


  • A proven method to develop your ear, designed by pros who've been where you are and discovered that playing by ear is not a talent, but an acquired skill.
  • 100's of exercises, work pages, and audio tests to practice, drill, and perfect your ear training and ensure your success.
  • Flow on the guitar with second-nature instincts and intuition, instead of being locked into reading a chart or tab.​​
  • 6 specific categories of ear training that will develop your ability to hear intervals, root note identification, chord movements, melodies, and harmonies and recreate them on your instrument.
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How I Play Guitar


  • ​Brilliant guitar shortcuts, so you can create beautifully simple chords and creative lead lines on the fly all over the guitar neck!
  • ​An easy system of understanding the guitar neck to build your confidence.
  • Unleash Your Capo, able to play in any key with powerful and creative voicings. Never feel boxed into barre chords again!
  • ​100’s of diagrams, chord charts, and cheat sheets for immediate application and growth.
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Speed Building Handbook


  • Modern approach to practice designed by musicians who transitioned from self taught to professional so you learn methods that work for you (wherever you're currently at.)
  • 50+ exercises to practice that range from beginner to advanced, so you never get stuck in a rut practicing the same things over and over.
  • ​Eliminate the guesswork of trying to figure out what to practice next and start focusing on EXACTLY the right thing - at EXACTLY the right time.
  • 7 specific categories of exercises that will work everything from picking technique to hammer on/offs, strength and endurance, and unique arpeggios - so you can rapidly grow in a wide range of skills, not just scales.
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Progressions: Classics


  • 10 different voicing options for every progression, in every single key
  • Simple approach to making standard chord progressions sound incredible
  • Quickly master a wide range of positions, voicing, and variations.
  • ​4200+ Different chords, voicings, and inversions in total.
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Why Our Students LOVE Our Books


The simplicity of these books make seemingly complicated concepts easy to understand, and easy to apply to your playing immediately.


These books are gold. Music theory explained by Jeffrey is concentrated and always very practical so you get a "hands on" feeling when you go through it. Jeffrey simply broadened my musical horizon. I did almost all exercises, several times, each time realizing I became a better guitar player. Thank you so much, Jeffrey!


These books have been integral to taking my guitar playing to the next level. I can't recommend them enough.

Scott Smith

These books/ web seminars have definitely brought a fresh new feel to my style of playing. Best deal ever!


I bought the book "All The Chords" and it's just amazing. I would never have imagined having so many chord options in a simple and understandable way. It's helping me find the sound I've always wanted. Greetins from Argentina.

Ricardo Paredes

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