Acoustic Guitar Mastery

Acoustic Guitar Mastery

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A 5 Week Masterclass On Masterful Acoustic Playing


Session 1: Foundations
This is the perfect ‘bootcamp’ for laying a solid foundation in your acoustic playing including workshops on Timing, Picking, Fingerstyle, Chords, Smooth Chord Changes, Progressions, Capo Playing, Barre Chords, Learning Hit Songs, and even Music Theory with The Nashville Number System (this is the most we’ve ever packed into one single week!).

Session 2: Advanced Patterns
In this session, you'll travel way beyond basic fingerstyle and strumming to discover how to unlock limitless rhythmic creativity by breaking down a multitude of advanced 5 finger fingerstyle patterns, unique strumming techniques, and percussive playing.

Session 3: What To Play And When To Play It
This is the week that turns you into a fingerstyle master player. The art of being able to actually shape melody with each of your individual five fingers of your fingerpicking hand means you go way beyond basic patterns and gain full control and confidence over each finger.

Session 4: Chord Progression MasterClass
The way pros can make even basic chord progressions sound beautiful, interesting and sexy? Yea..this is all about that. Let's finally turn boring chord progressions into beautiful, easy and accessible phrases for you to play - anywhere on the neck.

Session 5: Studio and Live Acoustic Audio
Achieve pro-audio results out of both your live DI and your micing techniques, and learn to engineer beautiful acoustic guitar audio (including training on EQ, Micing, Pre Amp, and Plug-ins).

Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.