Slide Lesson Pack

Slide Lesson Pack

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A suite of 5 masterful slide lessons, geared to make you an artful, controlled, expressive and proficient slide guitarist.

LESSON 1: Mastering Slide Technique
In this first lesson, we go through the pillars of what makes great slide players great - including right-hand and left-hand muting techniques, playing in tune, vibrato, and much more so that you know the path forward to become a solid slide player.
LESSON 2: Playing With Feeling
Playing with a slide is all about attitude, feeling, and emotion. This lesson picks up where the last leaves off, and gives you four steps to taking your slide playing to advanced levels. Topics include using vibrato and timing to convey heavy emotion in your playing, as well as a practical “do-this-now” lesson plan to immediately start advancing. 
LESSON 3: The Hybrid Slide Method Pt 1
Hybrid slide is a technique used by the great country and blues players in history - a technique that involves the mixing of flat picking and finger picking, as well as fingering and sliding with your fretting hand.

We'll break down an entire Stergil Simpson slide solo - showing the hybrid technique in a real life application and teach the player to be a true magician with the slide.
LESSON 4: The Hybrid Slide Method Pt 2
In this lesson we build upon part 1 of The Hybrid Slide Method to ensure you are connecting the dots with this slide/picking hybrid technique so that you can feel fully confident to be able to work this technique into your own playing and writing.
LESSON 5: Slide Lick Hacks
Put it all together here. In this final lesson we’ll show you multiple slide licks and “hacks” that you can start using NOW, all with using the techniques that were taught in lessons 1-4. 

Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.