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How Progressions: Classics Works:

Brand New Voicings For The Songs You’re Already Playing

Transform The Vibe Of The Song

Actually Learn New Chords Everywhere On The Neck

Combine Options For 1000’s of Possible Combinations

The Most Expansive And Helpful Tool For Creative Chord Expression

Grow Way Past Your Current Go-To Positions

Progressions: Classics

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Why it's a Game Changer

Don't take my word for it...


"Being able to see your approach to "taste" (when it comes to chords) is awesome! I am using the heck out of this!"


Solid! Easy to read, understand, and to just pick up and have more chords at your disposal


These books are so easy to understand! I've felt a need for this for a while, and it's a cool guide and unique in the way that you've grouped it by common progressions. It stands apart from any other I've seen on the subject! Pretty sweet!


“These books have definitely brought a fresh new feel to my style of playing. Best deal ever!"


The simplicity of these books make seemingly complicated concepts easy to understand, and easy to apply to your playing immediately.


What You'll Get

Unlock the limitless creativity that is available to you. With the essentials bundle, experience the power of modern theory and playing by ear so that you can ultimately write unique and inspiring guitar parts, solos, and songs!

Music Theory For The Music Industry

A simple approach to finally master modern music theory. Experience a boost in your creativity, find a new quickness in learning new songs, gain the ability to change key signatures on the fly, discover how to manipulate chords at will on the neck, and become confident using The Nashville Number System!

How I Play Guitar

Find true fretboard freedom, no matter the key signature you’re in. Inside you'll find easy shortcuts to create beautiful chords and inversions all around the neck, fretboard paths to create parts, licks and solos on the fly, and 100's of diagrams, patterns and examples to expand your creativity!

Train Your Ear

Finally play anything you hear without a chord chart or TAB! Finally break free from your dependence on chord charts and TAB, and upgrade your ability to play exactly what you hear on your guitar! This book comes with immersive audio tracks and 100’s of exercises, and delivers on a full-proof method to train your ear.


eBook Versions of each book

Get started right away with hi resolution, print ready versions of all 3 volumes of The Essentials Bundle.  You’ll be able to download instantly and start using the books immediately.


Exclusive Progressions Video Course

In order to ensure every customer gets results fast, we’ve also included Video Workshops where we expand on the examples provided in the text, and show how you can create goals in order to achieve daily and weekly 'wins'. With access to these courses, there will be no doubt you'll see serious breakthrough in your playing immediately!

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