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Music Theory For The Music Industry

Inside this book is an easy-to-grasp approach to finally mastering key signatures, scales, chord building, intervals, and how to use the Nashville Number System (the shorthand that makes chords and progressions easy to hear and play). After you're finished with it, you'll have boosted your creativity on the fretboard, found a new quickness in learning new songs, gained the ability to change key signatures on the fly, discovered how to manipulate chords at will on the neck, and mastered all the modern ‘theory’ for today’s industry you need to know.


Train Your Ear

If you’ve always wished you could hear something and then play it without needing a chord chart or TAB, then this book is for you! This book is ideal for players who find themselves constantly confined to chord charts or TAB, and shows them how to break free into playing the melodies or chord progressions that they hear, instead of only playing what they see written! This book comes with immersive audio tracks and 100’s of exercises.


How I Play Guitar

This book is all about boosting your confidence in using the entire guitar neck, so that you no longer see the fretboard as a ‘mystery’, but instead finally feel free to play expressively on any fret, no matter the key signature you’re in. After going through this book, you’ll have gained easy shortcuts to create beautiful chords and inversions up and down the neck, and learned how to create licks and solos on the fly within your go to ‘boxes’. Included are ​100’s of diagrams, charts, and cheat sheets for understanding the guitar neck and building your confidence.


Speed Building Handbook

This book is perfect for guitarists who want to play with the same speed and fluidity as the guitarists they look up to! After following this method, you’ll gain control over your fretboard, find that you can play fluid runs up and down the neck, play with a professional level of accuracy, and ultimately play licks, solos, scales, and arpeggios with the speed that you’ve always wanted! 


The Tone Method

Finally upgrade your guitar tone to ‘professional’ standards with The Tone Method. In this book, you’ll discover how to sound exactly like the pros you look up to by expertly dialing in all the pieces of gear you own with a systematic approach. Complete with companion videos, we’ll take you on a journey in dialing in each of your effects ideal application within your signal chain, accomplish the classic tones you love, as well as train you to become a master at troubleshooting gear problems and tone inconsistencies, so that when problems do arise you can solve them quickly and affectively.

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