Chord Cards

Chord Cards

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Introducing: Chord Cards™

Color-coded, printable cards for tons of cool chord options!

120 printable hi-resolution chord cards, perfect for stashing in your gig bag or guitar case for on-the-go use!  Each card is beautifully organized by key and chord 'type' so that you can quickly pull out exactly the chord you need to find and immediately be presented with tons of brand new voicings to play that exact chord!
These cards provide an easy, and simple approach to playing complex chords and voicings, designed by professional musicians who get how frustrating complicated chord charts can be.  With them, you'll eliminate the guesswork of trying to figure out how a cool or complex chord you hear on a song is actually played.  In total there are 2280 chords, inversions, and voicings that range from normal to esoteric and cool, so you never get stuck in a rut playing the same things over and over.  Each card contains 5+ positions for every chord, so you can be sure you have exactly the right voicing for the context you need.


• Portable and Convenient, so you can pull out the right card at the perfect time - whether in studio, stage, or your practice room.

​• Super Simple, Colorfully Organized, and Easy To Use layout.

• ​A MASSIVE Chord Collection - 2286 to be exact, allowing you to grab the perfect voicing for your playing at all times.

• ​Designed by professional guitarists who actually use these forms in their modern playing for limitless creative expression.

• ​The ultimate tool for songwriters, providing quick creative chord options for your songs.

• ​Each card is delivered in digital form for ease of use, or more importantly can be printed in hi-res quality to take with you to your gigs!

• ​Can be printed in large sizes - great for posters or large form cards

• ​Ideal for lamination for increased durability

• Lifetime ownership - if you lose a card, print another!

• ​Perfect for beginners as well as expert guitarists

• ​Includes complex Jazz chords such as 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and more.

• ​Pick the chords and key signatures you need at will!

​• Just like having a guitar mentor at your side showing you the perfect voicing for each moment.

• ​Not just basic chords in common keys, but 120 cards covering the width of all guitar chord voicing possibilities for every single chord possible in every single key signature - providing the solution you need for every moment.

​• This complete collection will turn you into a chord voicing genius - allowing you to come up with beautiful and unique voicings on command.

​• You will be using these for a lifetime!


Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.