Guitar Lessons On Demand

Guitar Lessons On Demand

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36 intermediate-level guitar lessons designed to take you step-by-step into advanced levels of your guitar playing!   These lessons were specifically crafted in a 'weekly' style format with each lesson building on the next, and intended for the average self-taught guitarist who is eager to fully understand the guitar neck and improve their all-around technique, style, and creativity.

Guitar Lessons On Demand Includes:

• Modern approach to instruction designed by modern and relevant professional guitarists so you learn methods that work for YOU (wherever you're currently.)

• Weekly, easy-to-follow exercises so you will increase your speed and accuracy on the fretboard.

• Genre-specific technique deep dives like country, blues, modern rock, worship, slide playing and more so you can grow in a wide range of skills

• Up-close dissection of popular solos so you learn both the techniques and the context and use of those techniques in popular music


Raving Students, Guaranteed Results.